Going Renewable!


Batzer Construction Goes Renewable!

As part of our “Going Green” Business Plan, Batzer Construction is now purchasing 10% of our power from renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power.

Through Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program, we’re making a commitment to support cleaner, and more local sources of energy.   Since we do a significant amount of steel manufacturing at our shop in Medford, the amount of power we use is larger than many other general contractors that don’t manufacture their own steelwork.  This also means that our choice for renewable power, has a bigger impact.

So what is 10% of our power?  It’s about 19 kW/month or 229 kW/year that we’re now getting from renewable sources.

How does this make a difference.  Well it helps prevent carbon dioxide emissions that would come from electricity that was made at a coal fired electrical plant, or a natural gas electrical plant.   By this decision, we’ve managed to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 15 tons.   It would take to 1,260 trees to purify the air of 15 tons of carbon dioxide.

Blue Sky has options for homeowners and for Businesses, we encourage you to take a look, and consider the fact that using wind or solar energy is helping keep our energy dollars in Oregon and in the United States.

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