Delta Center Shopping Mall


1584 Delta Waters Road
Medford, OR 97504
57,500 SF
This three building commercial lease property was built for Crater Lake Ventures LLC.   It sits  on the busy corner of  Crater Lake Hwy and Delta Waters Road in Medford where the high end retail center that takes front stage at it’s prominent location.

The project was completed for maximum customization of the rental space in size and arrangement of the space.  All the site work, landscaping, and central loading docks were constructed for the retail center.  The exterior features brick & stucco veneer over masonry walls.  Each lease property building included rough plumbing and electrical.   Initially, no interior walls were  included so that the owner could customize the lease space sizes to the tenants needs.   The tenants then completed their leased space with walls, lighting, and finishes to suit their store or restaurant.

Services: General Contracting
Facility Category:  Retail Center
Architect:  Ron Grimes & Associates
Project Manager: Scott Heroux
Superintendent: Don Sefert
Completed: 2008

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