Hematology Oncology Associates, PC


2828 Barnett Road,
Medford, OR 97504
23,000 SF

This state of the art medical center features and aethetically pleasing design with an emphasis on comfortable surroundings for the patients.  The clinic serves patients with blood disorders and cancers in a clean, sterile environment that limits further infection challenges to their immune system.t the same time it’s a place of calm, hopeful healing.

Multiple small waiting rooms create a “homier” feeling for the patients.  The infusion room is an airy, large, positive space. All the circulation paths are designed to minimize patient’s walking distances to conserve their energy for recovery.  Special building  systems include- medical gas, nurse call button communications, and HEPA filtration for infection control, PET/CT scan room, a WiFi netowrk, and a meditation garden courtyard.

As with all medical facilities infection control procedures were utilized throughout construction to reduce dust and other toxins in the finished space.  The building also had to meet the strict JCAHO requirements and inspections for medical facilities.

The building is two stories and is steel construction with masonry facade and custom metal architectural features.

Completed: 2005
Services: Design/Build
Facility Category:  Healthcare
Architect: Mark McKechnie
Project Manager: Carl Tullis
Superintendent: Sven Flatebo

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