Photo of the Week! #1

Scott Heroux is project manager at North Medford High School Library Renovation. This week’s photo is from his Work in Progress report. He’s documented the re-use of N. Medford High’s iconic concrete columns in the new renovation. It has a great contrast of old and new, of manmade and nature.

Great Photo Scott!IMG_1743

Photo of the Week???!!!
We have more photos of holes in the ground than anyone could possibly imagine.  For that matter, we have photos of bolts, nails, and things being glued.

It’s hard to believe how important digital photography has become for construction management.   Our construction managers take photos to document steps of correct installation processes, to show clients the progress, to send to architects to ask a question, to discuss an issue with a subcontractor.   The photos are amazingly valuable tool.

Sometimes after looking at  endless numbers of photos of holes in the ground, we run into a great one.    With a click of a button the camera captures line, form, and light.  There is a beauty to what we do and how we do it.  There are stories captured in those digital photo files.  Hence “Photo of the Week” to is here to highlight those photos from our own staff, that say something beautiful or unusual about the work we do.

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