Photo of the Week!

Well, maybe it’s photo of the month, or photo of the last quarter decade?


We were looking into some older project files and came across superintendent Russ Dodd’s photos from the 1980’s & 1990’s.  Spectacular photos of the team constructing wind farms in California and Nevada.   The images are in an much loved photo album that has been leafed through many times and they have the scratches and wear that a much loved photo album accumulates.   We thought about using photo shop to fix up photo scans, but the wear and tear really helps tell the story.   So we didn’t do any retouching and it doesn’t matter, they are gorgeous.  Russ Dodd took some mighty fine photos out there in the desert.

What a story of hardwork, lonely miles, months away from home and family, wind, rain, sun, and dust.   These photos tell part of the Batzer Construction story and how such a strong team has been forged here.  There is nothing quite like working under these type of conditions to test skills of good planning, good humor, problem solving, and teamwork.

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