Cartwright’s Valley Meat Company: Blog 2007-2008

We were very pleased to build the Cartwright Valley Meat facility in Grants Pass. What a fantastic family business! Even though modest in size, this is one of those projects that really brings home the importance of small and family operated businesses in a community.

Over the course of construction Michele Cartwright documented the progress in their company blog. You can read the whole thing, or here are some links to some of our favorite posts.

April 24, 2007 -New Construction!

August 20, 2007 -Pouring Concrete by Dawn’s Early Light

September 28, 2007 -Coolers and Freezers Almost Completely Installed

November 2, 2007 -The Front is Almost Complete

December 3, 2007- Floor and Cooler Cases

January 9, 2008-  Open For Business

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