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Eagle Point, OR- Batzer Construction is throwing down the gauntlet to other contractors to design and build the greenest building in Jackson County.   Russ Batzer, President of Batzer Construction Inc. said he’s pretty sure that he’s got the winner in the Complete Care Chiropractic Project.

Over the last year, Batzer Construction staff architect Gary Caperna, has been working with Dr. Thaddeus Gala to design a super efficient, green and solar chiropractic clinic in Eagle Point.   Dr. Gala was one of the lucky few to get in on the Oregon Solar Feed-In Tariff program that guarantees his energy selling price for 15 years.  He’ll make .65/per watt on however much solar energy he can generate.  So he’s putting up 10 kw of solar panels.

Russ Batzer points out “While solar is sexy, it’s the incredible energy efficiency of this commercial building that’s really going to make it a winner. The cheapest power, is the power you never have to buy or create. “

Batzer Construction broke ground on the project in October. Wednesday, December 15th at 3pm, Batzer Construction is putting up the SIPS walls for the building.  SIPS are Structurally Insulated Panels and made from two sheets of strand board with a foam core. This is a breakthrough project for Southern Oregon.  It’s nearly 5,000 SF and is the biggest commercial SIPS project to date in Southern Oregon according to Eco Panels LLC, the local SIPS supplier.    The 12” thick SIPS walls will be an incredible R-45 of insulation, while commercial codes only required the building to be R-13.

The greenest building in Jackson County will be judged at next June’s Green Expo.   Russ Batzer says, “Whether we win or not, it’s all in good fun to get our local design and construction community to reach farther and build better….. but, I will admit – I want to win.”


Photo & Video Opportunity 3pm, Tuesday, December 14th.

–      SIPS panels being erected

–      Russ Batzer calling out for the Greenest Building Challenge.


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