Where do the photos come from?

Using a camera as a construction tool has become the standard in the last 20 years.  We used to use Polaroids and thought those were great, but, they made for huge job files.

Now we have digital cameras and the superintendents are documenting progress, using them to send visual verification to the architect and owner, and documenting new techniques.   Some of the photos you see here on the website come from employees, primarily superintendents.  We try to always name them, but that doesn’t always happen, so we want to take a minute to thank them for the great images they contribute.  Thank you!

Most of the photos posted since we started the website were taken by the talented staff at Make It Happen Marketing.   They have tremendous patience when they get called at the last minute about a photo op.   We say “Hey….. we’re tilting up a giant concrete wall in 15 minutes and want some photos.”  They arrive on the scene with hardhats and camera bags and get to work.  Their photos are all over our website and marketing materials.   Craig Fronek and Karen Fronek are doing a great job.  It’s time we gave them credit for all the quiet behind the scenes work they do everyday.

When we call Craig or Karen we know  it will be amazing, and we will be so glad that we did.  We have to remember to dial the phone more often!

Thank you Make It Happen!

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