Sizzler Remodel Featured in “Restuarant Business” Magazine

Batzer Construction’s recent renovation of the Sizzler restaurant on Biddle Road, in Medford, was featured in the September 2011 issue of Restaurant Business!

The article focused on national chains that are doing renovations and particularly on renovations that create a more inviting entrance.
“Virtually every major restaurant company is reinventing its basic units right now. This re-imaging is a response to the lingering recession; the profit pendulum has swung from adding new stores to squeezing more revenue out of existing ones. “They can’t afford to open new restaurants,” says Juan Martinez, principal of Profitality in Miami. “They have to improve current locations.”

Pg. 22 Gateways
“Studies have been done on how much is imprinted on your mind in the first five seconds of entering a place,” says Jeffrey Sheppard, design principal of Roth + Sheppard Architects in Denver. “If you walk up to a cheap storefront door, it’s telling you something about what’s going to happen inside.”

So on page 23 they featured photos of Medford Oregon’s Sizzler Restaurant that was renovated by Batzer Construction in 2010.

Sizzler Before-After

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