Project Update: Salvation Army

We’re well underway on renovating the Salvation Army Chapel on Beatty Street in Medford. It’s big renovation that will have a tremendously positive outcome for the community.  The Mail Tribune wrote a great article last summer that outlined the project goals.

….the church will double as a community center that assists in the neighborhood’s renewal.

“We want the church to become a resource for the community to use. This park is without any kind of community neighborhood center,” Agee said, “We’re really trying to build a community here … and we’re trying to do that with this barbecue.”

Much of the Salvation Army’s church on Beatty has begun to show its age. Agee said the roof needs replacing and the building needs to be retrofitted to withstand earthquakes and is in need of a wheelchair ramp.

….When it finishes renovations, the army would like to be able to provide free meals from that kitchen once or twice a week. And that’s just the inside — outside the vegetable garden and playground will also soon be works in progress.

…there are numerous repair projects evident (in the neighborhood) despite the poor economy and that the neighborhood is experiencing rehabilitation.

From “Salvation Army Looks to Reap Benefits of Liberty Park Site” by Mat Wolf July 23, 2011

The renovations were designed by Straus & Seibert Architects from Medford.  As of last week, the demolition is nearly complete, and we have started on rebuilding the roof and ceilings.  Below are some photos from mid September during the demolition.

While the renovations will update nearly every aspect of the building, the cross and well known brick backdrop will remain.

The project is expected to be complete in March of 2012.

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