Complete Care Chiropractic & Massage


1296 S. Shasta Ave.
Eagle Point, OR 97524
4,904 SF
Project Details

Complete Care Chiropractic and Massage’s construction met the client’s goals for creating a sustainably built health facility to minimize it’s impact on the environment and human health.  Energy efficient, and water efficient, the building smart design features  were created by staff architect Gary Caperna.

The energy efficiency was achieved by being well insulated, and using window placement  and solar tubes so electric lighting is only minimally needed during the day.

To achieve the great insulation levels, a newer type of framing called “Structurally Insulated Panels” or more commonly known as SIPS was used.   These R-45 rated 12-inch thick walls do not have typical 2×6 studs.  Instead they are compromised of panels of plywood with a thick layer of polystyrene foam in the middle.   It’s strong enough to hold up the roof without a stud framing system and because the panels are solid and continuous.  These walls do not have all of the air leaks that normal stud framed walls have.

R-45 rated roof insulation and triple pane windows to reduce heating and cooling needs.  As well as having 4 foot deep eaves on the south side, blocks the intense summer sun that would make an a/c unit work harder, using more power.

The building was pre-wired to add solar panels at any point in time and they were installed by the owner shortly after construciton was complete.  The project  made the cut for the competitive Oregon Solar Tariff, an incentive program that guaranteed an excellent price per watt for solar power that is sold back to the utility, but in the end, the rules of the Oregon Solar Tariff, limited the solar panel system size to the approximate power usage of the building, which means that to build a large solar installation as planned, the building would have to be a much bigger energy hog.  Instead, the owner, Dr. Thaddeus Gala, opted for extreme energy efficiency as the right business and environmental solution at this time.

Building Size: 4,904 SF
Architect: Gary Caperna, AIA
Project Manager: Andy McHugh
Superintendent: Roger Fisher

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