What Our Customers Are Saying


LTM is extremely pleased with the project from start to finish. Carl and the job superintendent, Roger Fisher, made sure the job remained on schedule and on budget. And in doing so they answered all of our questions, maintained an orderly and efficient workplace and most importantly it us – a safe workplace.

As I stated above all of us here at LTM are very satisfied with our new 17,000 square foot building. Our Thanks are to everyone in the Batzer organization who participated but especially to Carl Tullis who led his team and delivered just what we ordered.

— Don Skundrick, Vice President, Material Sales – LTM Inc.

Once I decided to use Batzer we were off to the races. Your staff took care of everything. Mark McKechnie’s help in designing the building, choosing materials, and colors was invaluable. His ability to visualize the final project is unmatched.

Project Manager, Carl Tullis worked with me throughout the entire process and even met me on site every Friday morning for a client walk through. These site visits proofed to be paramount to the success of the entire project. They kept me informed and caught the little things that could have turned into big issues.

And finally, your Job Superintendent, John Nelson and his crew were great. John has the patience of Job. He would join Carl and I each Friday and attended to anything we asked of him Kudos to everyone at Batzer on a job well done.

— John Mytinger, President, Copyrite Business Systems

Mr. LeTourneau’s work was excellent in resolving projects. His work was always timely, accurate and well documented.

— Steve Reimers, Construction Manager, Seco Development

The one thing I knew for sure on our project was that Andy McHugh followed through on the details. Any challenge that came up was dealt with immediately and his passion for delivering a great project and satisfied customers sure was evident throughout the entire project.

— Bob Gervais, Owner – ReMax Ideal Properties

Our profound thanks, to Batzer, for a most positive professional experience that benefited this fire district and our numerous surrounding communities.

— Harry Rich, Fire Chief- Illinois Valley Fire District

…we would not have been able to make the progress we have, and to start playing games in 2006 without your creativity in how to phase the construction based on the available funds, the dedication and the skill of your employees, and the excellent relationship you have with your subcontractors.

On behalf of the Medford Youth Baseball Society Board of Directors, I thank you and your employees for the job that your company has done in working toward the completion of a replacement youth baseball facility for Miles Field in the City of Medford.

— Gary Miller, President, Medford Youth Baseball Society

This project is one of the biggest in the history of the company and has been extremely well managed as well as on time and within budget. The process has been wonderful, with much more pleasure than pain. Working with Batzer has been a positive experience overall. I’m glad we chose to partner with them.

— Steve Loftesnes, General Manager, MasterBrand Cabinets Inc.

We chose to work with Batzer because of their reputation for quality work and because the Design-Build process appealed to us. Batzer has a history of working well with owners.

— Randy Nunes, Owner, Napa Auto Parts

Batzer Construction has been an authorized builder for Metallic Building Company continuously since 1998.

During this tenure, they have consistently ranked in Metallic’s national “Top 25” in sales volume. In addition to their sales achievements, Batzer Construction has earned no less than 33 Design-Build Awards for various projects featuring Metallic Buildings.

— Chris Brehm, Western Regional Manager- Metallic Building Company

Batzer is financially solid and its management and personnel enjoy an enviable reputation in our Oregon business community for quality work produced on time.

— John Klump, Agent- Anchor Insurance & Surety, Inc.

Our company is based on the value of integrity and we appreciate Batzer because their team shares this same value. Everyone at Batzer is straight-forward and eager to communicate. They were also accessible and responsive.

— Patty Bons, Administrator- Medford Neurological and Spine Center

We have done multiple projects with Batzer’s Roger Fisher as Superintendent and not only have they proven to be very successful projects, but great experiences. Roger’s building expertise goes beyond the norm. He is intuitive and able to step in and solve challenges in a calm respectful manner which is a huge asset when you are in the middle of a big project with time deadlines.

— Don Skundrick, Vice President – Material Sales, LTM Inc. (Knife River)

Scott (Heroux) is tireless, a true professional and should be considered a valuable asset to Batzer. Not only is he knowledgeable in his profession but also is a pleasure to work with.

— Harry Rich, Fire Chief – Illinois Valley Fire District

Russ Dodd is wonderful to work with, we couldn’t have done it without him.

— Mary Pearch, (Creswell Middle School) Architect- gLAs Architects

Russ’s commitment to training the next generation is amazing. We’ll always need smart, professional, skilled workers to build our world. Russ is helping to create an exciting construction education for the next generation.

— Dick O’Connor, Executive Director- Oregon Building Congress

Creswell School District highly recommends your firm and your employees to anyone considering a construction firm.


— Jennifer Heiss, Business Manager- Creswell School District #40

When issues arose your firm was there to problem solve and used design build techniques even though the project wasn’t bid in that manner. Andy McHugh and Russ Dodd were steadfast in seeing that the project was done on time and correctly.

— Jennifer Heiss, Business Manager- Creswell School District #40

I can say that the district is delighted in the process and the result! The project was completed on time with change orders amounting to less than 4% of the total contract.

— Jennifer Heiss, Business Manager- Creswell School District # 40

With Batzer’s vast experience on Design-Build projects, they were able to identify and implement several areas of value-engineered savings, so much that the School District was able to add a synthetic turf sports field and a new metal building bus barn to the scope of the project.

— Mary Pearch, AIA, LEED AP, Senior Associate, gLAs Architects LLC

Based on the quality work that was done on the new Creswell Middle School, I would
recommend Batzer Construction for your next construction project.

— Mary Pearch, AIA, LEED AP, Senior Associate, gLAs Architects LLC

The 13 million dollar, 78,000 square foot building, was built on the same site as the 68-year-old school building that it replaced. The old school and play area were in use, less than 20 feet away from the fenced construction site. This presented several obstacles, including safety, wetlands, access, demolition-asbestos abatement, scheduling-phasing, scope, and budget. Working as a team with Batzer Construction as General Contractor; Andy McHugh as Project Manager and Russ Dodd as Superintendent, these obstacles were overcome to deliver a school project that we were all proud to have worked on.

— Mary Pearch, AIA, LEED AP, Senior Associate, gLAs Architects LLC

I am taking this opportunity to express my gratitude for the time and energy you have given us. We fee we have been heard, understood and respected throughout the entire process despite our being “green” to the building realm and relentless in our questions and need for clarification.

— Dr. Thaddeus Gala, Complete Care Chiropractic

…Thank you for your cooperation and excitement in helping us set the state for out dream clinic. We look forward to continued ventures and partnerships in the future. Cordially,

— Dr. Thaddeus Gala, Complete Care Chiropractic

Dear Sir or Madam:
We’re pleased to recommend the design/build services from Batzer Construction. We have been working with Batzer for over 16 years, and during that time we have gone through major expansion at two of our sites. Both expansions required extensive pre-planning to meet and coordinate every aspect of the design and construction process. At each step Batzer was there to provide design assistance and budgeting to help us determine the best path to meet our project and budget goals.

— Cary Stauffur, Facilities Project Coordinator, Erickson Air-Crane

The Batzer Construction design team brought their creativity and experience to help us explore all of our ideas. Their services include meeting with building officials and coordination with all consultants, to building the project.

— Cary Stauffur, Facilities Project Coordinator, Erickson Air-Crane

I am writing to affirm my appreciation for the services provided by Batzer Construction in support of five recently completed school renovation/reconstruction projects. The scope and variation in these five projects required an intensely collaborative working relationship among the architects, the general contractors, and the school district. Medford’s Batzer Construction brought its decades of construction experience to the table, working with the district and various architects to meld the advantages of local experience with regional expertise in reconditioning vintage buildings and building new facilities.

— Dr. Phil Long, Superintendent, Medford School District #549C

….based on their competitive, yet comprehensive services, Batzer Construction became our first choice for five of our extensive renovation/reconstruction projects. This team performed very well.

— Dr. Phil Long, Superintendent, Medford School District #54C

Batzer completed its work within the timeline and responded to many unforeseen conditions nimbly. The school opened on time, ready to serve students.

(Regarding Washington Elementary Renovation)

— Dr. Phil Long, Superintendent, Medford School District #549C

At North Medford High School, Batzer won the bid for the only new construction work done on that site. The recently completed new Media Center was built alongside the original media center. Once this project was completed, the previous media center was re-purposed as a new student commons area. Batzer’s performance on this project has resulted in a well-integrated multi-use facility.

— Dr. Phil Long, Superintendent, Medford School District #549C

As one of our primary local partners on these five projects, Batzer Construction helped us transform that hope into reality. I am pleased to recommend Batzer Construction to you for your consideration. Please call me if you have any additional questions or need additional information about our success with Batzer Construction.


— Dr. Phil Long, Superintendent, Medford School District #549C

We found the Batzer team to be competent and professional. The site excavation plan was complex. The Batzer employees involved with the excavation work did an excellent job. The results were impressive.

— Jonathan Andrus, CEO, Fairchild Medical Center

…the Batzer team delivered an important project in a professional manner which will serve the communities of North Siskiyou County well for years to come.

— Jonathan Andrus, CEO, Fairchild Medical Center