Complete Construction Services

At Batzer Construction, services are always customized to suit each client’s needs.  Batzer offers all types of construction services from design through long term maintenance programs.   Rest assured, no matter what type of construction you need, Batzer can assist you in any aspect of design, construction, or maintenance.

Services, sometimes known as Procurement, describes the merging of activities provided to the client to build a project or facility. There are many different types of construction services and Batzer Construction has years experience in providing all types of options.

Design/Build This approach hires the design team and construction team under one contract at the very beginning of your project process….(More)

CM/GC(Construction Manager/General Contractor) In this system Batzer enters the team process during the schematic design or design development stage ….(More)

Design-Bid-Build This approach is for clients that already have completed permit ready construction documents from an architect or engineer and are ready to start construction. …(More)

SERVICE DIVISION Repairs, Maintenance, and Inspection Services….(More)

Design Full Architectural Services….(More)

Subcontracting Steel Building, Site Work, Concrete….(More)