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Certified in Construction Quality Management

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

ACE QC Websize CertificateProject Manager John Ross has just completed the Army Corp of Engineers “Construction Quality Management” program.

Military projects and Army Corp of Engineer projects frequently require a certified Quality Control Manager, similar to the role of a Safety Director.

Having a  Quality Control Manager that is NOT the designated Project Manager, and who has the ultimate authority to close a project down if quality concerns demand it, provides a clarity of function on the project.  He or she does not have a the Project Manager’s job responsibility  to achieve the schedule and budget, he/she is solely involved in ensuring the quality of the project.  This managerial structure, although expensive,  provides better assurance the project will be operated safely and to the highest quality standards.

For years, Batzer Construction has had a very successful cost effective use of QC procedures as part of the job description of our Superintendents and Project Managers.   In order to increase our competitive edge for federal projects, John Ross will act as the Quality Control Manager for projects that require a US ACE certified position.  The US Army Corp of Engineers Certification has been an excellent review of procedures and now in the case of federal projects, we’re ready to have a separately designated QC Manager overseeing the project.

Ross has been the Service Division Manager for a number of years.   As Service Division Manager he’s already been in charge of warranty service and implementing staff training and procedures to minimize warranty claims.    Ross was a perfect for this additional certification level.    Ross will continue to act as a Project Manager for  Service Division projects and will have a the separate job function of QC Manager for federal projects.