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Invitation To Bid | New Geothermal Power Plant

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Invitation to BidBatzer Construction, Inc. (BCI) Design/Build Contractor for New Geothermal Power Plant located in Klamath Falls, Oregon and being performed for Oregon Institute of Technology requests sub-bid proposals.

The bid package includes Site Work, Concrete, Pre-Engineered Building, Misc. Steel Systems, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, and Geothermal Installation Subcontractors must be pre-qualified.

Proposals must utilize the specified PROPOSAL FORM and be delivered, faxed, or emailed to arrive at Batzer Construction, Inc., 190 N. Ross Lane/PO Box 4460, Medford, Oregon 97501, Bid Fax 541-770-5361, Email bids @ no later than 2:00 p.m., November 09, 2012.

Bidders must be properly licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (“CCB”) at the time of bid.  Bidders are required to file a $30,000 Public Works Bond with the CCB in accordance with ORS 279C.836 EXCEPT exemptions allowed under paragraphs (7) or (8) will not be permitted.  Due to the scheduled start of the work, the $30,000 Public Works Bond must be on file with the CCB at the time of bid.  This is a prevailing wage project.  Bidders must comply with requirements of the prevailing wage law in ORS Chapter 279C.

Refer to proposal documents for complete proposal requirements and additional information.  Proposal documents may be examined at local plan centers including Medford and Klamath Falls, and ISQFT (call Batzer for Access), or obtained for the non-refundable cost of $200 (for reproduction and shipping) from Batzer Construction (541) 773-7553.

Contractor is committed to promoting and stimulating the growth of minority business enterprises, women business enterprises, and emerging small business (M/W/ESB) firms and maximizing the opportunities for State of Oregon certified M/W/ESB firms to participate in the work of this project.  Notwithstanding that a specific M/W/ESB contracting goal has not been established for this project, bidders are encouraged to utilize such firms through sub-tier contracting and/or material purchases and shall provide documentation of its good faith efforts and achievements.

Contractor is an equal opportunity employer and requests bids from all qualified firms including disadvantaged, minority, women, disabled veterans, and emerging small business enterprises. CCB License #132902

Now Hiring!

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Batzer Construction team building the Ariel Wine Barn, in Ashland, OR

Now’s the time to join the construction company that’s been here 57 years! We are currently seeking skilled carpenters, concrete form-setters and concrete finishers for commercial construction projects. We offer excellent wages & benefits in a drug-free environment.

Visit our Careers Page, to find out more about working at Batzer Construction and to find the Employment Applications.

Re-starting a Biomass Facility in Anderson, CA

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Batzer Construction has been selected as the general contractor to restart a dormant Biomass facility in Anderson, CA.   The facility burns plant debris from mills and from agriculture to provide steam heat for the adjacent mills to dry lumber as well as making electricity from steam powered turbines.   The renewable energy they will make is then sold back to the local utility company.

Originally built in 1987, the Biomass plant operated for over a decade.    As the timber economy  the plant owners consolidated and closed the Anderson plant, taking equipment and  parts with them to operate other facilities in N. California.

Fifteen years later, Kiara Solar bought the Biomass Plant and has decided to reopen it to produce 6 megawatts of power.  They hired Batzer Construction in May.

The plant is being reviewed from top to bottom.   Machinery is be re-tooled and replaced, and several structural changes are needed for accomodating newer equipment and systems.    Batzer Construction anticipates the Biomass plant will be going through it’s air quality control testing in October, which it must pass in order to re-open in November.

Batzer Construction has extensive experience with heavy industrial facilities and lumber mills.   Many of the mills have a Co-Gen or Biomass plant at them. The particular construction expertise needed at these facilities is exceptional skill with technical concrete mixtures and equipment bolting.  The machinery must be bolted securely to the facility structure and concrete base and the structure and concrete must be able to endure the vibrations from the machinery and environmental issues of the manufacturing process such as chemical exposure, cleaning and maintenance regimens, dust and soot.

The Batzer Construction team has been building and renovating industrial manufacturing and lumber mills for more than fifty years.  We have just recently completed rebuilding the Trinity River Lumber Mill in Weaverville, CA, and now our sitework and concrete team are on location in Anderson working on renovations at the Biomass facility.

Port Angeles Hardwood | Port Angeles, WA

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

333 Eclipse Industrial Parkway
Port Angeles, WA 98363
180,000 SF Mill
35,000 SF Mezzanine
240,000 SF of Site Concrete

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Just Another Day on the Job

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

2011-01-05 Applegate

January 5, was just another day on the job for our sitework crew.

2010-01-05 Applegate Guys

Heading Back Up to the Top!

2010-01-05 Going Up

And who says construction isn’t exciting and daring?

2010-01-05 Crew

What a great team!   Ralph Hansen, Mike Gamboa, James McCann, Jeff Dwire, Justin Hoyt

What is Concrete Tilt-up?

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Here at Batzer Construction, we do all types of construction including a lot of tilt-up buildings.  However, most people are unfamiliar with the term or the features of concrete tilt-up, so its worth some explanation so that you can decide if it’s the right type of construction for your project.

The process resembles barn raising specifically and wood platform framing generally. It is cost-effective for low buildings.[1]

In this method modular concrete elements (i.e. walls, columns, structural supports, etc.) are formed on a concrete slab; usually the building floor, but sometimes a temporary concrete casting surface near the building footprint. After the concrete has cured, the elements are tilted from horizontal to vertical with a crane and braced into position until the remaining building structural components (roofs, intermediate floors and walls) are secured.


Concrete Tilt-up is one of the most popular types of commercial construction and it can serve many types of buildings and sizes.

Tilt-Up concrete construction is not new; it has been in use since the turn of the century. Since the mid-1940s it has developed into the preferred method of construction for many types of buildings and structures. Nationwide, over 15% of all industrial buildings are Tilt-Up, ranging in size from 5,000 to over 1.5 million square feet. They are typified by their attractiveness, efficiency and longevity.

From the Concrete Tilt Up Association

Currently we are putting up a concrete tilt-up building in Coquille Oregon for Coos-Curry Electric, and we’re also doing a warehouse distribution facility in Boardman, OR.   The team here at Batzer Construction has been doing tilt-up construction for decades and we would be happy to provide you with more project information.

Selected Batzer Construction Concrete Tilt-up Projects

1987 Rogue Valley YMCA Aquatic Center, Medford, OR
1987 Naumes Inc, Cold Storage Faciltiy 1, Medford, OR
1991 Naumes Inc, Cold Storage Faicilty II, Medford, OR
1995 Naumes Inc., Cold Storage Facility, Marysville, CA
1996 Southern Oregon Select Fruit (SOS) Cold Storage Facility Medford, OR
Harry & David Corporate Offices, Medford, OR
NW Mail, Medford, OR
Siskiyou Buckle Manufacturing Facility, Medford, OR
2004 Knife River (LTM) Offices, Medford, OR
2005 Re/Max Ideal Properties Offices, Medford, OR
2010 Coos- Curry Electric Offices, Coquille, OR
2010 Port of Morrow, Transload III warehouse, Boardman, OR

Coos Curry Electric- Project Update

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

FoundationsCoquille, OR

Started: July 1, 2010
Anticipated Completion : Mid December
Facility Category: Office/Warehouse
Project Manager:
Andy McHugh
Vane Jones

Things are moving along on the jobsite.  The site finally dried out for us to get started the first week in July.   The foundations are poured, and the concrete tilt-up walls are in place as of the end of September!

Photos by Vane Jones

September 2010 Projects in Progress

Monday, September 20th, 2010

View Batzer Construction, Inc. September 2010 in a larger map

  • Trinity River Lumber Mill, Weaverville CA- New
  • Fairchild Medical Center, Yreka, CA-Expansion
  • French Kiss, Ashland, OR- Renovation
  • Macaroni’s Bar & Grill, Ashland, OR- Renovation
  • Sizzler, Medford, OR- Renovation
  • The Medford Food Co-Op, Medford, OR – Renovation
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Medford, OR- Renovation
  • Delta Waters Liquor Store, Medford, OR- Tenant Improvement
  • Zoo Fitness, Grants Pass, OR- New
  • AirGas Office Renovation, Grants Pass, OR- Renovation
  • Certainteed, White City, OR- Office Renovation
  • Coos-Curry Electric Co-Op, Coquille, OR- New

Medford Food Co-Op Groundbreaking!

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

On Thursday, one of our hottest days of the summer, we held groundbreaking ceremony for the Medford Food Co-op project.   This project will help bring 25 jobs to the community.  The motto of the co-op is “Local food and local choices.”   We’re excited to get this project going.

KDRV Newswatch 12

Mail Tribune “Medford Co-Op Starts Renovations Today”

Fairchild Medical Center- Yreka, Ca

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

In August we started working on the 22,000 SF expansion of Fairchild Medical Center. The project completion is anticipated by early summer 2011.  Overall, this expansion will increase Fairchild’s ability to recruit and retain quality medical providers, while also providing Clinic patients with added convenience of access to several medical and supporting services in one location. Fairchild Medical Plaza will remain open during construction with normal working hours and sufficient parking.

The project manager is Brett Smith.
fairchild site plan

Mill Rising

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Last September the Trinity River Lumber Mill was destroyed by fire, but Trinity River Lumber vowed to rebuild despite the tough economic times.   Batzer Construction started construction on the new mill last spring.    Now the beams, girders, and trusses are up!  The Trinity Journal is doing a great job of covering the story.  Visit the links below to see the full story and photos.

August 4, 2010 “Mill Rising”

April 7, 2010 “Mill Begins to Rebuild”

Wow! White City Industrial Projects!

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

View Batzer Construction Inc. Projects in a larger map

Last week we were out in White City to meet a new client at their building site.    Pete asked us about our qualifications and in a surprising piece of luck, we were able to turn around on his site and point to a half dozen facilities we have built. The concentration of Batzer Construction projects in White City is pretty amazing.

It’s got us thinking about how it would be cool to create a map of all our projects. We’ll see what happens, it’s tough to take time to make maps, when there are buildings to build.

Batzer Construction

North High Renovations Get High Marks

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Batzer Construction recently built a new library and added a student “Commons” to the NMHS campus……

The North Medford High School library has been converted into a commons area and a new library built as an addition.Mail Tribune / Bob Pennell

The North Medford High School library has been converted into a commons area and a new library built as an addition.Mail Tribune / Bob Pennell

July 09, 2010
By Paris Achen

A new 7,485-square-foot library opened in the spring, and the old library was converted into a 5,389-square-foot commons area. The dreary, rotting exterior and roof — once occupied by flocks of birds — have been replaced and painted a pale beige, brightening up the campus.

Click HERE to read the full story.

Batzer Construction Builds on Green Credentials with Blue Sky

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Blog-BlueSkyBusinessPartnerProgramJune 15, 2010

MEDFORD, Ore. – Batzer Construction, Inc. worked on some of the first commercial wind energy projects being built in California in the 1980s. Now the company is further burnishing its renewable reputation by becoming a Pacific Power Blue Sky partner.

Batzer Construction, a national leader in installing prefabricated steel buildings, is known as the “business builder” for having built hundreds of commercial construction projects for all types of businesses in Oregon. That means, besides being a builder, Batzer has its own onsite steel fabrication shop in Medford.

“Fabricating custom steel structures uses a lot of energy,” said Russ Batzer, president. “It’s the responsible thing to try and shift our power sources to more renewable sources. Our electricity usage level allows us a big impact on the ways power is produced, much bigger than the typical office building.”

Batzer is purchasing 20 blocks per month through Blue Sky. The Blue Sky purchase has tangible environmental benefits. Over the course of a year, the commitment avoids putting 29,240 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and has the environmental equivalent of not driving nearly 30,000 miles.

Blue Sky provides Pacific Power customers a way to support wind powered generation and other renewable energy sources such as solar, low-emissions biomass and geothermal. Supporting renewable energy through a voluntary program like Blue Sky helps stimulate even more investment in new renewable generation facilities.

“Leading by example as Batzer Construction does is the best possible way to encourage support for renewable energy,” said Pat Egan, Pacific Power vice president of customer and community affairs. “Blue Sky provides an easy, accessible way for customers to make a difference. We also think Blue Sky is good for business, because customers are starting to request or choose to spend their dollars with businesses that are using sustainable practices, and particularly renewable energy, like Blue Sky.”

Batzer is a sustainability leader in other areas as well. The company focuses strongly on recycling materials at construction sites, which are the major consumer of materials in their business. But, back in the office, Batzer is also working at going green by transitioning from paper to digital record keeping wherever possible.

“Like all Oregonians, we recycle paper, plastic, cans, bottles, cardboard and metals,” said Batzer. “Every now and then when traveling to other parts of the country, we realize just how unique the Northwest is for its daily ethics of recycling. We do those things, but so does everyone else, or at least I hope they do,”

Pacific Power customers can keep adding to Blue Sky’s success by greening their own homes and businesses. Buying just one, 100-kilowatt hour block of Blue Sky power costs only $1.95 per month. Blue Sky is recognized nationally as one of the most affordable renewable energy programs. Customers can buy as many blocks as they wish. Large business customers can buy renewable power in bulk at a discount through the Blue Sky QS program.

Enrollment in Blue Sky is optional and customers can increase their participation or withdraw at any time. Customers can sign up for Blue Sky renewable power by calling Pacific Power at 800-769-3717 or by visiting

About Blue Sky
Strong customer support has enabled the Blue Sky program to be instrumental in the creation of more federally recognized Green Power Communities than any other program in the nation. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has ranked Blue Sky fifth or better in the nation for the seventh consecutive year in the number of customers buying renewable power and for renewable power sales volume. The program is Green-e Energy Certified, which means the renewable energy supported meets the rigorous national environmental and consumer-protection standards established by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. For more information on Green-e Energy, visit More than 39,000 customers in the Northwest are part of Blue Sky.

About Pacific Power
In 2010, Pacific Power celebrates 100 years serving customers and communities. From our beginnings — serving 7,000 customers in four Northwest communities — Pacific Power now provides electric service to almost 730,000 customers in Oregon, Washington and California. Our goal is to provide our customers with value for their energy dollar, and safe, reliable electricity, for another 100 years. Pacific Power is part of PacifiCorp, one of the lowest-cost electricity producers in the United States, with 1.7 million customers in six western states. For more information, visit

“Medford Food Co-op looks to old Rudolph’s restaurant”

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

“Medford Food Co-op looks to old Rudolph’s restaurant”

May 7, 2010

Click Here to read more of the Mail Tribune article about how Batzer Construction is working with the board of Medford Food Co-0p to find them a home for their grocery store.

“The building sits on 1.2 acres and has about 50 parking spaces. There is room for expansion on the property, both in the square footage of the building and the number of parking places, Batzer said.

The vision of the co-op is to provide a community-owned market offering organic, local and free-trade foods.

“We are just looking forward to it opening,” Batzer said. “How could it not be good for the community?”

For more information, see”

The property being leased from Batzer is 945 S. Riverside Ave, Medford Ore.  and will be fully renovated in preparation for opening of the new Food Co-Op.

“Medford Co-op reaches lease deal”

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

May 6, 2010

“The Medford Food Co-op is poised to sign a lease deal with Batzer Construction….”

Click Here for the Full Article

We’re very excited about this project.  This store is an example of choosing local business and local jobs for our community.  The Co-op will have employees of its own, and also will be an outlet for local food which will help support other small business and farms in our valley and region.

We’re thinking about business differently, and this project is one of the ways.

May 7, 2010

Medford Food Co-op nears deal to lease building”

More Historic Photos

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Once again, we’ve found a few more fun historic photos in our archives.

First Christian Church- Medford, OR

Hedrick Middle School- Medford, OR

IFW Building- Medford, OR

Medford Plywood

Mt. Ashland Ski Lodge

“Mill Begins to Rebuild”

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Mill Begins to Rebuild
Completion expected by late summer


Trinity River Lumber Company began the rebuilding of its Weaverville sawmill on Monday to replace the structure and equipment destroyed by fire last September.

Though the process of developing plans and timelines for rebuilding began immediately following the Sept. 12, 2009, fire, it has taken longer than expected to reach the point of actually beginning construction, according to a news release issued last week by the mill.

It also noted that an insurance settlement has progressed, but has not been reached yet.

Primary contractors for the rebuilding project will be Batzer Construction Inc. based in Medford, Ore., and West Coast Industrial out of Sweet Home, Ore.

Batzer will be working on the foundations and erection of the new building while West Coast will be replacing the sawmill equipment inside.

Mill Manager Dee Sanders said it is the goal of Trinity River Lumber to have the contractors use as many local subcontractors and employees as possible.

“Trinity County and the Weaverville community should receive a much-needed shot to the economy from the rebuilding efforts,” he said.

He added that Trinity River Lumber Company would like to thank the local and surrounding communities for their support and funds raised for the Golden Rule Club which has provided needed support for the mill employees since the fire.

Funds raised have reached $64,000 with $60,000 distributed to the employees to date.

Completion of the new sawmill construction is anticipated late in the summer and the company foresees returning to a full workforce once the mill is back in full production.

Prior to the Sept. 12 fire, the mill employed about 140 workers. Currently, it employs 25 in Weaverville and another 35 at a formerly closed mill in Anderson where temporary operations commenced shortly after the fire.

KTVL News 10

Friday, February 26th, 2010

“Federal Dollars Running Out, Some Construction Companies Worried”

Not all news is good news.   While its important to write publish all the great things that are happening, we cannot ignore that this recession is having an impact on the construction industry in general, and on Batzer Construction specifically.

The local News 10, here in Medford, did a great job of covering the topic of the economic impact on publicly funded projects in our region.  We wish the news was better, but it’s a tough story.

“Federal stimulus dollars paid for major work in our area, but now the work is done, leaving many contractors looking for new projects…..”

To read the full article, CLICK HERE

Equipment Operations

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Ralph Hansen,  Batzer Construction equipment operator,  makes it look easy!   It’s true, he gets lots of practice on the job, but his skill level is amazing.

Anybody need some sitework done?

Mail Tribune- “People in Business”

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

January 23, 2010

“People in Business”

“Batzer Construction President Russ Batzer has been elected to the Oregon-Columbia Chapter of the Associated General Contractors 2010 board of directors. Batzer has been involved at AGC since 1998.

AGC provides its members with a forum for exchange of ideas and services designed to enhance the professionalism of the construction industry, including workers’ compensation and health insurance; legislative and governmental representation; safety and loss control consulting; training and apprenticeship programs; and education and pension programs.”

Combined Transport | Central Point, OR

Friday, December 11th, 2009

5656 Crater Lake Avenue
Central Point, OR 97502
Size:  6000 SF

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Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Batzer Construction now has a Facebook page! Please come visit us and become a Facebook fan of Batzer Construction.

Batzer Construction on Facebook

Press Release- “Small Business Makes a Subtle Shift”

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

“A Small Business Makes a Subtle Shift”

-Medford, OR (October 13, 2009) – A subtle name change from “Batzer Inc.” to “Batzer Construction Inc.” is all about successful marketing in these tough economic times.  To ensure that anyone looking at news articles or doing internet searches can locate their company, the company president Russ Batzer decided it was time to add “construction” to the legal name.

“We had heard that some out of state potential clients hadn’t found us because our name didn’t come up on their searches.  It was an easy thing to fix and it just helps clarify our brand, it’s a small business tactic that we hope will have a big payoff for us.”

The name change has been completed with the state corporate records and the state construction contractors’ board.   The logo will slightly change and most people won’t even notice the alteration of adding “construction” under their bold black and red BATZER sign.