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Project News- Creswell Middle School

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

While Batzer Construction is not always mentioned in the news about a project, that’s  okay with us.  Ultimately construction is all about what our client needs.     When the news centers on the excitement and meaning for a client we’re pleased that things are moving along smoothly and the client is able to go on accomplishing their tasks.   We really enjoy watching a project’s impact on the community.

School projects are some of the most exciting.   We’ve been working at Creswell Middle School for about two years now.   Things are nearing completion, and we wanted to take a minute to capture the transition of events for school district and the kids.

Here’s a few key News pieces that follow the Creswell Middle School construction.

Groundbreaking! June 2007

April 2009, Creswell Middle School Dedication Speech

Newspaper-  The Creswell Chronicle

11/3/09 “CMS students and staff celebrate school’s new sports field opening” Creswell Chronicle

Thanks Creswell, it’s been fun.  Go Tigers!

Creswell Middle School | Creswell, OR

Monday, December 7th, 2009

655 West Oregon Ave.,
Creswell, OR
77,400 SF

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