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Press Release: Medford Food Co-op Receives Nearly $10,000 for Energy Efficiency!

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Architect Gary Caperna at the Medford Food Co-op

Architect Gary Caperna at the Medford Food Co-op


“Medford Food Co-op Receives Nearly $10,000 for Energy Efficiency!”

Medford, OR, (April 2, 2012) – Last month, Energy Trust of Oregon awarded a check for $7,680 to the Medford Food Co-op  for the energy efficiency features that were designed and installed at their new store.   That brings the store total award for energy efficiency measures $9,924.

The Medford Food Co-op worked with Batzer Construction to radically renovate their building on Riverside Avenue into unique grocery retail space that opened in August of 2011.  Efficient operations were a part of the design goals according to architect Gary Caperna.  “We’re always working to balance the construction budget concerns with a client’s annual operating cost concerns.   Energy Trust of Oregon helps with incentive money that offsets the construction cost. “   Caperna worked closely with mechanical engineer Michele Freidrich of PECI to identify all the systems that could improve energy efficiency.  They put in the required pre-application to Energy Trust of Oregon in 2010 before work even started and the Co-op received an incentive of $1250, for having the Early Design Assistance Meeting.

When construction was complete last fall, the final calculations on energy savings were 60,845 kWh/year compared to a building that is only “code compliant.”  That’s enough energy to operate 4.4 households for a year according to the EPA.  The energy efficiency of the lighting and refrigeration reduced the carbon footprint of the Co-op by 35.3 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The check from Energy Trust of Oregon has just arrived and it was even better than expected.   The efficient lighting system yielded an incentive of $3,655 and the refurbished refrigeration systems earned them $4,025 in incentives.  Separately, Avista’s energy efficiency program awarded $994 for the energy saving night curtains that insulate open coolers during non-business hours.  “Navigating all of the paperwork for incentives is not always easy.  However Ben Reher of RHT Energy Solutions in Medford shepherded the Co-op painlessly through the process,” said General Manager, Emile Amarotico. “The project incentives of $9924 are just the start, the monthly savings on energy bills helps keep our overhead costs down, so we can spend that money in other ways important to the Co-op. “

Hangar Projects Slideshow

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

A quick slideshow of several of our design/build hangar projects around the region.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Two Businesses Break Ground in Phoenix

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

“Debby’s Diner” and “All RV Needs” Build New Facilities

(PHOENIX, OR) –  Highway 99 just North of Phoenix will be seeing two new businesses early in 2012.  Batzer Construction will held a groundbreaking ceremony, Wednesday September 28th at 10am at 3800 S. Pacific Hwy for Debby’s Diner and All RV Needs.

All RV Needs is just what the name depicts an RV center that will provide sales, consignment repairs, parts, and storage for RV’s.   Owner, Ron Dace, has over 30 years experience in the RV industry and is very excited to open a state of the art facility that focuses on old fashioned personal, friendly service.   He’ll have 3 double length repair bays (a pull through setup) that are extra wide to accommodate recreation vehicles that have pullouts on both sides.   At full capacity Dace expects to have a staff of 12 -15 people at the new location.

The perfect neighboring business will be Debby’s Diner, a family friendly 1950’s theme diner.  Debby’s has been located in Phoenix for 4 years.  When Debby and Paul Hartnell opened their small 15 seat diner the goal was to provide a friendly intimate setting. Paul had been catering for forest fire and natural disaster crews for several years, which had kept him on the road for 6 months of the year.   Debby’s Diner was the couple’s perfect concept of how to spend more time together and be part of the community.

Debby’s has been such a success that they quickly outgrew their 15 seat diner and expanded into their storage room, and even now, they are packed to capacity most days.  However, the ODOT changes to the intersection will put the new road directly through their current location, so they began asking around and looking for property.

Enters landowner/developer John Poole, whose family  has owned the property at 3800 S. Pacific Hwy since the 1960’s.  One of Poole’s former RV Dealership tenants gave Poole the lead to contact Debby’s Diner with the suggestion that the Diner would be perfect for his property.  Poole’s family has been in the manufactured home sales and park business for years, and never branched out it, until this concept came together… having a fantastic diner adjacent to RV sales and service would be a great combination.  So Poole and Hartnell’s struck a deal.  Poole had already hired Batzer Construction to be the contractor for development of the property.

And that’s when it all came full circle again.  Debby Hartnell’s father Cecil had worked at Batzer Construction for many years.  Batzer Construction’s Project Manager for Debby’s Diner is Andy McHugh, who was first hired by Debby’s father nearly 20 year s ago.

Russ Batzer said “This is going to be great project for so many reasons.  For the community it will add new jobs and services.   Debby’s Diner will be 4,000 SF, about 1000 SF bigger than their current location so they’ll be adding staff.    So that’s two great local businesses that will be at this location providing great jobs and a sense of community.

“The diner will still have its 1950’s theme.  In fact, Debby and Paul bought the old Jacksonville Pharmacy soda fountain counter, it’s in storage now.  I’m excited that we’ll be installing it again to serve ice cream, malts and sodas. That long white marble counter is a piece of memorabilia that so many people here in our valley remember.”

Ground breaking ceremonies will begin at 10am on Wednesday, September 28th. The media is welcome to attend.


Thank You’s from the Medford Food Co-op

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Today the Medford Food Co-op held a Thank You event for major sponsors and Batzer Construction.    Co-op President Jim Sims, thanked Batzer for the vision and creativity with the project, and helping ensure that there is room for future expansion of their store.

Russ Batzer took a few minutes to talk about the construction project and thanked the design and construction team.

The C0-op’s new staff gave a tour of the new store to the attending sponsors and the press.   The Co-op will employ 25 people at the store and influence more of the local economy since they will be selling many local foods.

There was some great press coverage of the event. Mail Tribune for more information


Russ Batzer Thanks the Construction Team.


Batzer Construction Project Architect- Gary Caperna

Passive Solar Design: Complete Care Chiropractic

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

One of the oldest tricks of design, is to carefully consider where the sunshine will hit a building in winter and in summer and use that to the best architectural advantage.    In our climate in N. California, Oregon, and Washington, we need to heat buildings in the winter.  The sun can help us with that task, if we make sure it shines into the windows during the winter days.

This “free” heat is called passive solar heating, because there are no moving parts or adjustments to be made, we simply have to situate the windows to catch the wintertime sunshine.

But, if we’re not careful, sunshine hitting those same windows in the summer, can turn a building into an oven.  Here in the Rogue Valley, our summer days are often over 90* and it’s hard enough to stay cool, without creating a greenhouse that captures and holds heat.  So up and down the west coast we should shade our windows in the summer, and the easiest architectural way to do this is with a moderately deep roof eave between 3 and 4 feet deep depending on your location.

The sun’s path through the sky is the same each year, so we can predict the height of the sun for anytime of day during the year.  The easiest way to find this information is download a Sun Chart from University of Oregon.  Here’s an example of Sunchart that shows the sun’s angles in the Rogue Valley, throughout the year.


For Complete Care Chiropractic in Eagle Point, we used a 4′ deep eave to shade the windows during hot summer days, but allow plenty of direct light in during winter days.

January Sun

To see how it works, we have a photo of the sunshine January 10 at 4:30pm.   The sun is low in the sky and shining directly into the windows.

And on May 21 at 3:30, the sun is much higher in the sky and the eaves are shading the windows.

May 21 Sun

Feel free to give our design team a call if you have any questions about Passive Solar design or would like a design for a passive solar building.   The benefit of passive solar designed buildings , are having much lower power bills both in the winter and in summer.  That’s not a bad thing at all.

Rogue WinterFest

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Batzer Construction is pleased to support Rogue Winterfest!

This year Batzer Construction is donating a playhouse for the silent auction fundraiser at Rogue WinterFest.  Proceeds support children, adults and families with mental health needs at Options for Southern Oregon, Family Friends, and SOASTC.

Rogue Winter Fest is a fun filled 5 day event with decorated trees, caroling, and several types of entertainment.  The event includes a charity auction.   One of the highlight items for the auction are custom designed playhouses.

This year Batzer Construction, Southern Oregon’s “Business Builder” created “The General Store” – hours of fun for the young entrepreneur to play pet store, grocer, or drive thru restaurant.  Details include a drive thru window, changeable store signs, a menu board, shelves loaded with groceries, grocery cart, pet toys, cash register, paper bags and lots more! It’s everything a young business owner needs to establish a successful small business.

The booth was designed by architect Gary Caperna, and built by the Service Division of Batzer Construction.  The Service Division specializes in helping business clients with maintenance, repairs, and renovations.   Building the General Store, was right up their alley!

WinterFest Public Preview Weekend
Saturday and Sunday
December 5 & 6, 2009

Culinary & Wine Pairing Christmas Classic
Monday, December 7, 2009

Gala Event and Auction
Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All events are held at the Evergreen Federal Bank’s Bear Hotel in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Find out more at

Press Release- Batzer Blends the Old and the New

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

At Medford Neurological and Spine Center, Batzer Construction Inc. added 2,230 square feet of clinical space. As planned, the new construction complements the Center’s existing architecture and design, making it difficult to tell the difference between the old and the new space. Nevertheless, the expansion has made more room for its nine physicians and growing number of staff members at the 40-year-old firm’s State Street location in Medford.

According to Patty Bons, a 20-year employee of the Center and its current Administrator, Batzer was the right choice to complete the addition. Batzer had successfully remodeled the Center’s top floor in the summer of 2000. At the time, Batzer crews converted Medford Neurological’s attic space into offices, fulfilling the owner’s original vision for expansion within the building. “When Dr. Mario Campagna first built this structure in 1977, he had a vision for growth and worked with architects to include extra space that could be used later,” explains Bons. “It was exciting to see that happen and to work with Batzer who understood our specific need.”

The 2000 remodel provided the necessary space the staff at Medford Neurological needed at the time. Then, a few years ago, Southern Oregon’s oldest, comprehensive neurological clinic started to burst at the seams again. Finally, in 2005, Bons contacted Batzer, and soon Architect Gary Caperna joined the medical facility’s planning team. Together, they identified options for expansion and put the plans on paper. “Our situation was getting serious,” Bons explains. “We had to make room one way or another and Gary helped us create a plan that solved existing and future space problems.”

Batzer started on the new addition in August 2006. For Bons, the project kept her busier than ever, but the outcome, she says, was well worth the time and energy. “The physicians, staff and our Board of Directors are extremely pleased with the outcome and how it benefits our patients.”

Bons says that new construction added physicians’ offices, exam rooms and staffing areas, allowing the physicians to see and treat their patients more efficiently. The extra space has also significantly improved the clinical processes. She gives credit for the project’s success to Batzer Superintendent Don Sefert and the crews that she called “a great group of people.”

“Our company is based on the value of integrity and we appreciate Batzer because their team shares this value,” Bons says. “Everyone at Batzer is straightforward and eager to communicate. They are also accessible and responsive.”

For Bons, the highlight of the project is the newly constructed conference room that she says Batzer Project Manager Andy McHugh took a personal interest in. “Andy is a perfectionist so it is a special and beautiful place. We love being in there and we appreciate the skill that went into all of the details.”