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Hangar Projects Slideshow

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

A quick slideshow of several of our design/build hangar projects around the region.

Biggest S. Oregon Builder of Aircraft Hangars

Monday, May 2nd, 2011


We recently prepared a proposal for an aircraft hangar project and realized we’ve accidentally been keeping our hangar experience a secret!

After researching for awhile, we realized most other contractors in the S. Oregon/N. California region don’t have any in house experience with hangars, they subcontract it out to out of area companies.   Our staff has been designing and building hangars for over 20 years.

Batzer Construction is a leader in Southern Oregon and Northern CA for designing and building aircraft hangars.  We’ve designed and built over 25 aircraft hangars in Southern Oregon and Northern California.   Hangars not only have housed the aircraft and mechanics bays, but have also included complete office space as well.

While seemingly a simple box from the outside, hangars utilize extensive engineering skill to create open spans to accomodate the wings.   The hangar doors represent the trickiest aspects of engineering in needing accommodate not only the span of the wings, but the hieght of the tail, have an incredibly durable operating system, and resist the force of wind and weather.   We’ve installed every type of hangar door design and can provide extensive insight into the pros and cons of each type of door.






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