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Press Release: Holiday Caroling Tour This Week

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011


Batzer Construction & the North Medford High School Choir Bring “Holiday Cheer”  on Tuesday & Wednesday

(Medford, OR)- Batzer Construction is bringing Holiday Cheer to the area by sponsoring a caroling tour for the North Medford High School choir. The local high school choir will be visiting several locations around the Medford area on Tuesday and Wednesday this week to bring the gift of song and good cheer.

On Tuesday December 13, they will be caroling at South Medford locations including St. Mary’s school, The Rogue Valley Manor, Medford Rotary Meeting at RVCC, Debby’s Diner in Phoenix, and The Medford Food Co-op.

On Wednesday December 14, the choir will be caroling at Complete Care Chiropractic in Eagle Point, the Allergy & Asthma Center of Southern Oregon, REMAX at Navigators Landing, KTVL 10, Medford School District Offices and KOBI 5.

Batzer will post a time schedule on their website on Tuesday and Wednesday morning and will also be tweeting the updates through the day as well as posting on their Facebook page so that people in the area might drop by one of the locations for a little holiday cheer.

Russ Batzer, Andy Batzer, or Bill Batzer will be accompanying the choir at different intervals. According to Russ “Taking the choir around really brings joy to people in the community. It lifts our spirits and theirs and helps the students too.”


Tuesday, December 13,  Caroling Schedule

9:30     St. Mary’s School, Medford, OR

10:30    The Manor, Medford, OR

11:30    Debby’s Diner in Phoenix, Phoenix, OR  (Note Updated time)

12:30    Medford Rotary Meeting at RVCC,  Medford Downtown Campus  (Note: Updated time)

1:00     Batzer Construction Offices, Medford, OR

1:30      Rogue Valley YMCA, Medford, OR  (NOTE Updated Time)

1:50         The Medford Food Co-op, Medford, OR  (NOTE Updated Time)

Wednesday, December 14,  Caroling Schedule

9:30     KDRV, Medford, OR

10:00     Wilson Equipment, Medford, OR

10:30     Re/Max Ideal Brokers, Medford, OR

11:30     Complete Care Chiropractic & Massage, Eagle Point, OR

12:30     Southern Oregon Allergy & Asthma Center, Medford, OR

1:15        KTVL, Medford, OR

2:00     Medford School District #549C, Medford, OR

2:30      KOBI, Medford, OR

Press Release: Ribbon Cutting at Complete Care Chiropractic & Massage in Eagle Point

Friday, June 24th, 2011

June 24, 2011


Noon: Ribbon Cutting at Complete Care Chiropractic & Massage in Eagle Point: The Greenest Building in Jackson County?

(6/24/2011) Eagle Point, OR-  Complete Care Chiropractic and Massage held their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony today.  The building is possibly the “greenest” commercial building in Jackson County according to Batzer Construction.

The building design focused on being extremely energy efficient by being well insulated, and using window placement  and solar tubes so electric lighting is only minimally needed during the day.   Super insulation levels of R-45 were achieved by using newer type of framing called “Structurally Insulated Panels” or more commonly known as SIPS.   These 12-inch thick walls do not have typical 2×6 studs.  Instead they are compromised of panels of plywood with a thick layer of polystyrene foam in the middle.   It’s strong enough to hold up the roof without a stud framing system and because the panels are solid and continuous, these walls do not have all of the air leaks that are normal with fiberglass insulation and stud walls.  This building uses extensive roof insulation (R-45) and SIPS walls (R-45), and triple pane windows to reduce heating and cooling needs.  It also has 4 foot deep eaves on the south side, to help block the intense summer sun that would make an a/c unit work harder, using more power.

The project was also pre-wired to add solar panels at any point in the future.   It made the cut for the competitive Oregon Solar Tariff, an incentive program that guaranteed an excellent price per watt for solar power that is sold back to the utility, but in the end, the rules of the Oregon Solar Tariff, limited the solar panel system size to the approximate power usage of the building, which means that to build a large solar installation as planned, the building would have to be a much bigger energy hog.  Instead, the owner, Dr. Thaddeus Gala, opted for extreme energy efficiency as the right business and environmental solution at this time.  Everything is ready for solar panels to be installed in the future with very little retrofitting.    Russ Batzer points out “While solar is sexy, the cheapest power is the power you never have to buy or create. Dr. Gala is all ready to go solar whenever energy prices are optimal for his business.”

Complete Care Chiropractic and Massage is located at the corner of Nita Way and Shasta Avenue (Just off of Hwy 62) in Eagle Point, Oregon.    The  Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held today at noon.

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Additional Project Information Available:

Building Size: 4,904 SF
Architect: Gary Caperna, AIA
Project Manager: Andy McHugh
Superintendent: Roger Fisher

Press Release: Construction Complete at Medford Food Co-op

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Construction Complete!
Medford Food Co-op Is Setting Up Shop!

Medford, OR, (June 3, 2011) – Construction is complete at the Medford Food Co-op and now the new staff and employees are setting up shelves, organizing and placing orders.   It’s anticipated Co-op will celebrate their long waited opening mid July.

The Co-op’s new home is a 1927 Frank Clark Building at 945 S. Riverside.  According to the Southern Oregon Historical Society, the building has been many things over the years, including a motel, a restaurant, a daycare, and possibly even a grocer.  With all those incarnations, it has had many renovations and outbuildings.  Despite its architectural charm, the building has been empty for 5 years, tucked behind large trees but full of architectural charm.

945 S. Riverside circa 1940's  - image provided by the Southern Oregon Historical Society

945 S. Riverside circa 1940's - image provided by the Southern Oregon Historical Society

Last fall, The Medford Food Co-op signed an agreement with Batzer Construction to renovate the property into a grocery store.  The Co-op board worked with Batzer Construction’s staff architect Gary Caperna to take advantage of all the built space available. Determining an exact floor plan and selecting refrigeration equipment took much of the fall, and was necessary in order to determine electrical requirements for the building permits.  The renovation opened up a number of small rooms in the former house and connected the building to the detached garage in the back to achieve 5500 square foot store with immense charm.  The main entrance and check out area are vaulted to the second story and are filled with daylight bouncing off the new plum colored steel beams.

Medford Food Co-op: Flooring installation May 26, 2011Batzer Construction installed flooring at the Co-op week of May 23, 2011

A Medford Food Co-op committee picked the bright color scheme for the exterior and interior. The colors match the logo, and help highlight the mission of fresh and organic. The colors will also help the fact that the building is set back from the street and covered by large trees. The storm water “bioswale” in front will be planted with native plants and trees to help absorb storm water rather than it flooding into the city sewer system. “Keeping the natural landscape of the property was intentional and different than most retail properties in Medford,” according to Batzer Construction architect, Gary Caperna. “Co-op patrons are going to love it.”

Co-op staff and volunteers will be hard at work the rest of the month setting up shelves, stocking, testing the register systems and completing the landscaping. The members can expect a special Members Week to shop and test run the systems, which will be followed by a Grand Opening for the full public. Dates for the Member’s Week and Grand Opening will be announced the first week of July.

Please contact Russ Batzer, President of Batzer Construction if you have questions or need additional information.

Press Release- “Small Business Makes a Subtle Shift”

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

“A Small Business Makes a Subtle Shift”

-Medford, OR (October 13, 2009) – A subtle name change from “Batzer Inc.” to “Batzer Construction Inc.” is all about successful marketing in these tough economic times.  To ensure that anyone looking at news articles or doing internet searches can locate their company, the company president Russ Batzer decided it was time to add “construction” to the legal name.

“We had heard that some out of state potential clients hadn’t found us because our name didn’t come up on their searches.  It was an easy thing to fix and it just helps clarify our brand, it’s a small business tactic that we hope will have a big payoff for us.”

The name change has been completed with the state corporate records and the state construction contractors’ board.   The logo will slightly change and most people won’t even notice the alteration of adding “construction” under their bold black and red BATZER sign.