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Certified in Army Corp of Engineers Safety Program

Monday, April 25th, 2011

We’re pleased to announce Batzer Construction Safety Director Dennis Howard has just completed the Army Corp of Engineers 40 hour safety training program, for their safety program EM 385 1-1

The Army Corp of Engineers is one of the first branches of government that created a construction safety program to keep workers were as a safe as possible  on corp and military projects.    The corps AM 385-1-1 program addresses many of the same areas that OSHA rules do, but with different approaches or they have different thresholds.  For instance safety harnessing and tie off for working on roofs are different for each program.

We needed an in-house expert on the two sets of rules so that our employees have an on staff resource when working on dam projects or at Kingsley Air Force base in Klamath Falls.

Dennis Howard has been the staff safety director for us for three years and has improved our already good safety program to be a great safety program.   We’ve gone from an insurance rating (EMR) in the .9 range down to the .7 in the last two years.   After doing this, he’s also enrolled us to achieve “Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program” ( SHARP ) from OSHA.   That program implementation is targeted for completion by the end of 2011 and will provide additional proof of our exceptional safety program to our insurance company  which will help lower our rates and our project costs.

Construction is dangerous work.  Here at Batzer, our commitment to safety comes from the two angles.  Our employees and subcontractors are important people to their families, our community, and to our business.   We want them to respect the dangers, make appropriate plans, use the safety equipment, and look out for others on the job site.    Being safe also reduces the cost of insurance, the cost of lost work time, and legal fees.

Yes, having two different sets of safety regulations from OSHA and the Army Corp of Engineers can be confusing, but it’s a fact of how the industry works, and we are on top of all regulations.   Having two sets of safety regulations,  forces us to look closely at situations and be able to pick the safest method available to our team, rather than not knowing any options.

Congratulations to Dennis Howard, our safety director, for helping improve the company in yet another way.  We’re now ready to take on projects for the Army Corp of Engineers or for the US Military.  Great job Dennis!

Kudos for Training!

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Continuing Ed 2010

Thanks to everyone that has done some classroom time this year!

Lead Safety Renovator

  • John Ross

EPA Lead Safety Certification

  • John Ross

Lead, Asbestos, Mold Awareness

  • John Ross
  • Casey Wyant
  • Roger Fisher
  • Sean Worthington
  • Dennis Howard

Safe Lifting

  • Dennis Howard
  • Mike Thibeault
  • John Laybourne
  • Tim Colley

Fall Protection

  • Dennis Howard

Sustainable Business Leadership

  • Russ Batzer

Blueprints & Material Takeoffs

  • David Offenbacher, Estimating Assistant

Laser Certification

  • Tom Chandler
  • Tim Colley
  • Russ Dodd
  • Jeff Dwire
  • Roger Fisher
  • Bob Fisk
  • Sven Flatebo
  • Scott Flaugh
  • Mike Gamboa
  • Ralph Hansen
  • Justin Hoyt
  • Chris Hughes
  • Vane Jones
  • Colby Keene
  • Troy Ketelson
  • John Laybourne
  • James McCann
  • Jay Ryan
  • Tony Sanchez
  • Tom Sutton
  • Travis Tankersley
  • Mike Thibeault
  • Jasen Troxclair

Forklift Training

  • Jackson Batzer
  • Russ Dodd
  • Troy Kettleson
  • James McCann

If we missed you, please get in touch with Dennis Howard and Michelle Merriman to update your training file